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Vidalia High School Update: March 21, 2018

The Vidalia High School Project is approaching completion more everyday.

The data infrastructure is underway with detail electrical work.

The heating and air conditioning system is operational for the entire facility.

The ceiling and ceiling cloud system is underway. The sound and light system in the fine arts area is underway.

All of the 100,000+ sqft of terrazzo flooring is installed and looks great.

Site work is moving forward to prepare for paving and landscaping.

Pierce County High School Update: March 21, 2018


The Pierce County High School continues to make very good progress.

99% of all floor slabs are poured and cured.

Masonry walls are well underway with 40%of the block masonry done.

The steel erection continues to impress with its progress and coordination.

The construction process has been well choreographed by the construction manager. Each subcontractor is coordinated to be in the right place with the correct material and instructions, as exemplified by the progress of the plumbing and electrical.

The roof trusses at the front entry area are scheduled on site first week in April.

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