SP Design Group was commissioned in April 2005 for the sole purpose of designing a multi-use facility for the Rabun County Commissioners. This facility was designed to house the various County Departments’ records, previously stored in a building next to the library, and to serve as the new home for the Rabun County Historical Society.

Uniqueness was desired for the look of this building given the importance of the preservation of Rabun County history and the celebration of it. Ultimately, a design that was residential in scale and picturesque was chosen since it was more in keeping with the surrounding context. In addition, it was important to pay tribute to the previous structure that occupied the site, the “Short House,” so similar materials were used to reflect that history.

As one studies history of any sort, many different trends become evident and such is the case in dealing with architectural history. Since no one dominate style of architecture exists in Clayton, we chose for design to be “eclectic” in nature – selecting the best elements from many different architectural styles.

The planning and contract document preparation for this two-story, 5,000 square foot structure, was completed in May 2006 and construction began in August of that same year.