The Heard Elementary School district lies in the southern portion of Bibb County. The physical heart of the community, the town square, is located at the intersection of Houston Road and Vinson Road where three community buildings are found: Heard Elementary School, Charles A Lanford, M.D. Library and Liberty United Methodist Church. The existing Heard Elementary School has a long history that helps make it the special place that it is today. The main building includes the original Rutland High School auditorium that was built in 1912. Since then, generations of children have attended elementary school in the existing building. While it has expanded and modernized with the passing years, Heard Elementary still retains the loving, family atmosphere that has always made it such a great place to learn and grow. The community has clearly expressed that it is not the building that makes this community, but the people. The community is not requesting for the existing building to be preserved, but rather for elements to be reused where possible.