Appling County Elementary Renovations

Baxley, Georgia

This project was for our longest continual client, the Appling County School system, that we have been working with since 1975.

This school has undergone a complete mechanical and aesthetic (floors, paint, ceilings and lighting) renovation as well as some modernization. The County’s budgetary constraints required a high level of diligence to balance needs with those limitations. This project is a prime example of good stewardship and hard work.

The challenges of this multi-phase renovation included keeping the school completely operational during all phases of construction. A very purposeful sequence of construction was devised with the assistance of the Construction Manager. The mechanical systems were modified/replaced over 3 phases during the last SPLOST. The current SPLOST included this 3 phase interior renovation. The Media Centers and Admin areas received major modifications and upgrades. The rest rooms and classroom ‘pods’ were completely renovated and ‘collaborative’ areas were added.

This project displays our firm’s ability to work towards unique successful solutions on challenging projects. This was a very successful project.

Completion Date:


Square Footage:

144,725 sqft

Construction Cost:


Delivery Type:

CM at Risk